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    Pentru a vota trebuie sa fiti autentificati! Si eu sufar de aceasta boala keratoconus si in urma cu 3 ani am foat operat la clinica din Budapesta de dr.

    This results in Hyperopia 5 Forum focus due to asymmetric myopia, asymmetric hyperopia or asymmetric astigmatism. In young children, the brain recognizes the image from the eye with clearest vision and ignores the one with blurry images or worse refractive error, this may lead to anisometropic amblyopia.

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    The eyes can tolerate anisometropia of up to 2. Anisometropia should be fully corrected in the presence of amblyopia. A degree of anisometropia between 1.

    Children and adults who are unable to tolerate full correction binocularly should be given partial correction, even if the visual acuity is compromised.

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    Large difference of above 4. Anisometropia is hereditary, it may be caused by differential growth of the two eyeballs congenital anisometropia or due to uniocular aphakia after cataract surgery, eye injury, refractive surgery and implant of incorrect power of intraocular lens acquired anisometropia.

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    Simple anisometropia: This occurs when one eye is emmetropic and the other has refractive error. Compound anisometropia: This occurs when both eyes are either myopic or hyperopic with varying refractive power. Compound myopic anisometropia OD: Mixed anisometropia: This occurs when one eye is hyperopic and the other is myopic.

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    It is also known as antimetropia. OD: Simple astigmatic anisometropia: This occurs when one eye is normal Hyperopia 5 Forum has simple astigmatism and the other has either myopic or hyperopic astigmatism. Compound astigmatic anisometropia.

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    In this, both eyes are astigmatic but of unequal degree. Mixed astigmatic anisometropia: In this, one eyes has myopic astigmatism while the other has Hyperopic astigmatism.

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    Give one example each for simple myopic astigmatic anisometropia and simple hyperopic astigmatic anisometropia 2. Give one example of Compound astigmatic anisometropia Optometric Insight.